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hi, can someone please help me! i had 32 veiled chameleon eggs laid last year which i exspected to be born on the 10/12/2010. I am now down to 20 as today i found another egg to have gone mouldy and shrunk. i decided to open it and the baby was a nice green colour though was dead. im now wondering if they should have hatched by now and for some reason they havnt, is this possible? can eggs be over do? Also what do you advice to keep babys in when they are first born? do you keep the all together ect?
should i use a waterfall for drinking as well as spraying? As you can guess this is my 1st batch of eggs so any advice welcome! Read lots on the net about this but not all links a clear. thanks
Did the other eggs you lost have babies inside them?
What temperature are you incubating them at?
Why did you think they should be due to hatch then?
It might be that your substrate is too moist.
im keeping the eggs at around 74f and they are now 11mths old and the baby i saw today was very green and dry looking and yes all the other eggs i have lost have had babys in. and substrate seems ok still i also have the a hydrometer which says 40%, hope this help? i do have pics of the baby today if it would help? thanks
The next one that shrinks, cut it out after 6 hours:


What you need to do is keep the lid in the same position and, as each egg begins to sweat or shrink, write a number on the outside of the lid right above the egg. That way, you can keep track of which ones are getting past due and know that you can cut them out. (you do not want to jump the gun unnecessarily).

Go for it -- What do you have to loose!
If the substrate is vermiculite, if you take a fist full of it and squeeze it you should only be able to squeeze out one or two drops of water. There will be beads of water on the sides of the container and underside of the lid.
1st baby born this morning

hi, just to let you all know that i had my first baby born this morning so all good so far! thanks for all the help. what should i keep them in?
Nice! Nerve wracking, right? Anything will work but the right container will make it easier for you and less stressful for them. Just try to provide tons of branches and use a low wattage light bulb so you don't cook them. Search for baby cages in the search menu.
Eggs finally hatching!

Just a qwick update to let you all know i now have 2 healthy baby chameleons, One was born 3 days ago and another today so just another 17 to go!
I will keep you all informed on the progress of them, Though so far so good!:)
just because im curious and a little confused, you thought the eggs were gonna hatch in October of 2010, and they aren't hatching until now? 5 months later?

How long to chameleons stay in egg form i guess is my question? and do some stay in the egg for much longer than others?
Pic of 2 new borns!

Here is a pic of the 2 babys that have hatched so far!:D
They can take anything from 5/6mths to over a year, seems to depend on the tempature there kept at. I exspected them to be born on 10th december 2010 This would have been 190 days which is what i read they would take to hatch. I kept the eggs at around 74f though some keep them at higher temps ect, I think it all depends on the breeder.

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