Outfitting a all screen enclosure.


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How should i go about outfitting my all screen enclosure.It is a 18 x 18 x 36.I plan on running a drip and mister system in it.But do i just cut the screen and pipe everything in or have it all outside the cage and spray/drip through the screen.And also how do people go about hanging anything inside with it being all screen.Thanks!


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as far as branches and vines, you can secure them to things with twists ties or zip ties if you want on the inside. On the outside you can use thumbtacks or push pins to secure the branches and vines that run horizontally so they don't fall. The dripper you just set on the top of the cage and lay the hose on the top of the screen. If you tap the screen where the water is forming it will start the drip. Try dripping it on a branch or some leaves so your cham can lick them. It is not necessary to cut a hole in the screen for the dripper. I have never used a mister so am not sure on that one. I am sure someone else will respond on that for you.
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