Outer mouth discoloration


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I've been concerned with the yellow coloring at the corners of 8 mo. old veiled cham, Fractal. It would seem to me that there is a physical recession or pitting in that area as well now. I've asked about it before and was told it was just his coloring, which does coincide with further coloring down his sides. But seems it's getting darker, bigger and that physical appearance, has me just checking to see if it is something I should be attending medically. You can see the one side on the gallery contest under, "A face that is loved." And the side that appears recessed I will send per email to anyone who will be willing to take a close look at it. Thank you.
Look like part of his coloring to me. I have noticed on my 7 month old veiled that the older he gets, the more defined his jaw and "lip" line is.
Does the coloring look the same on either side of his mouth? Does the inside of his mouth look healthy (no swelling, redness or visible tumors?)
Inside of the mouth looks good/normal. The one side of the outer corner looks slightly darker and more recessed than the other. No swelling. I'm keeping an eye on the shape of the lower mandible. My father bought me a lizard and brought it secretively into the hospital to cheer me up. It noticably had fibrous-osteodystrophy, poor thing. Dad didn't know. I never told him. Just accepted the lizard. Replaced it later myself when it died. :{
I might be over sensitive.... but I'll not take any chance, I'll try to get a better picture of the concerned section tomorrow. I can email it to anyone interested in taking a close look at it.
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