Oustalet's x Panther? We'll see...

This afternoon I received 30 healthy-looking eggs from my big female Oustalet's (pictured below). I raised her as a ch baby, to adult size, for exactly this purpose.

I have put her with my male Ambilobe five times, twice overnight. By design, she's never been near another male chameleon. I witnessed my male Panther mount the female Oustalet's quite a few times, but much to my chagrin I never witnessed actual copulation.

So, the eggs are either infertile, which is entirely possible, or they are a cross. Time will tell, but I've been planning and working on this project casually for over a year so it's at least exciting for me personally. It's something that I am intensely interested in for a litany of reasons.

This is her about a year ago as a big ch baby, about six weeks old...

Here she is as an adult, about 1-2 months ago or so...


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These species can be found in the same places in the wild (ferguson's panther chameleon study on range and habitat of various locales). Probably nothing will come of the breedings.

But who knows? Maybe.

Would be really cool to have the size and texture of the oustalet with the colors of the panther!


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I believe it is possible. A local store owner near me loves his ousties. Whether he was joking or not about crossing or not, not sure. I believe I saw some for sale in his shop though. I will ask him come Monday. Doesn't work weekends.


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oh I'm sorry. That was the most respectful way I could put it.
I was making a joke, not invalidating your opinion. We all entitled to those, as long as they don't offend or done in the appropriate forum or enviroment. The poster has made it clear, they are a cross and am sure if available for sale, made clear also. I am not a big of crosses, either. However, some of the prettiest chams I have seen are crosses and I now have several. As long, as the purchaser knows what they are buying, then it perfectly acceptable to me. Lots of people thought this way prior to the 1950's and 60's about humans, also. Whoever or whatever mates with whom or what, should be left up to the two (or more :D) parties involved. The offspring obviously have no chance of being introduced into their natural habitat, so no harm can come from it. Two chameleons had a good time and some chameleon owners will be extremely happy with their unique specimens. Thank you though for using restraint and handling it like a man.

[Added: You know, I miss the good ole' days of a couple years ago, when everyone was supportive and upbeat on CF. Been a lot of bickering, harness towards newcomers to the hobby for their inexperience, cheap shots, trolling, etc... as of late. Let's keep it positive, as it was intended here. Glad we don't discuss religion or politics on this site.]
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I just spoke with him and he said he hadn't crossed them. My apologies, I would have bet my house on the fact that he had. He said that it wasn't as close to mixing like locales as some may think. However, page 19 of The Chameleon Handbook by Francois Le Berre (Barrons) has one pictured and ID'ed as a cross. Knew I had seen one somewhere. Hope this helps.
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