Oustalet Pair

I've had the Male a bit over a month and the Female since the weekend. She got pretty stressed by the pcs.


I'm in Florida, we get our roaches on the hoof! :)

So far the boy has taken large crickets, superworms, and pinkies fine.

The gal ate large crickets the day after I got her and again yesterday.

Good appetites indeed!
So jealous, both look amazing would have bought a boy from eriksorg but instead i got an ambilobe :) (I <3 him)!
Looked up these guys in one of my Cham books(de Vosjoli). He says they need lizards as an important part of their diets.

Anybody have an opinion on this??
Never heard that one!!! My oldest male is a little over 3 years old now and I have never fed him any kind of "feeder lizard", and he is doing just fine!!!
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