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So when I’m my chameleon walks on me and after I put her back my hand gets red and it stings from her claws and would go down after a few hours. I’ve never been allergic to something I’m wondering if this is normal. This time she was climbing on my hand more than normal and didn’t want back in her cage.


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Yikes... The only allergic reaction I've seen on the forums is from dubia roaches. My cham's nails aren't that long so he never leaves marks when climbing on me. I'm curious to see what other people say.


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When I had my first Cham I had welts all over my hands and arms. Eventually I stopped getting them. I’m on my second Cham now and have not had this issue...:unsure:


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they could be little welts. sometimes I get them handling Apollo because his grip is too strong!! its either tissue damage or an allergic reaction to something his claws dug into like a mildly toxic plant in their enclosure or something he stepped on that you may be allergic to. they don't look like welts to me though... I think that the allergy theory is the best one to go with and would get checked out by a dr so you can make sure you're safe when handling your cham.


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I don’t think so because I’m not really allergic to anything. It happens to me too when my cats bite and scratch me but where they scratch it rises. It there allergies related with animals scratching you?
That's just sensitive skin. In that case you're probably having welts. Pretty common for people with delicate skin. If all animals to it to you I say it's nothing To worry about since animals can't share disease or allergens between species usually. Unless ALL your animals have stepped in something bad that is irritating you most likely have just delicate skin. Maybe have a pair of gloves on or long sleeves when you handle your cham now but other than that there's really nothing you can do...

On the bright side that means your chams grip is STRONG and you're doing all the right stuff to make sure they're staying strong!
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