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Hi everyone,
I'm new to the forum and had a few things to ask.

First order of business is, are their any Cham breeders in the Ottawa region? If so contact information would be very useful.

Secondly, how have you online chameleon purchase experience been? Would you recommend it? Have you had any signs of high-stress show off?
Seems kindof odd to me, especially that winter has kicked in.

Well that it for now. Hope to here from a breeder in my region sometime soon!

I dont think that you should get a chameleon shipped in canada during the winter lol I would be way too stressed out waiting for it hoping that its ok. Ive never gotten a cham shipped before so those that have will chime in. What i would recommend is going to a reptile expo a bunch of different breeders are there and will be selling all sorts of herps. There is one in ottawa in december, but i dont know the exact date it doesnt say the date on the website just TBA. If you want to check out the other areas expos are held heres the link. They havent got any of the new dates for 2011 up though.
I agree with the two previous posters: shipping during winter is definately not something you want to try. Shipping during summer is already something stressful (for both the buyer and the chameleon), you certainly don't want to try it out during winter. Anyway, a good way to see if the breeder/seller is serious is simply by asking them if they are willing to ship during winter; if the answer is yes, then I would certainly never buy from them! ;)

Second, along with Chameleon Nation whos located in Ontario, you can also go to . Harry, from ChromaChameleons, is a great guy, and is always willing to help, even if you arent buying from him! So you can only imagine when you are buying from him! ;)
For those interested in details of winter shipments, it can be done , but it has requirements.

Air canada Cargo Live will ship anywhere in Canada. For larger animals such as dogs and cats , they have a black out period through the coldest part of winter. For chameleons , they will ship all year round.

the seller is required to provide a styro lined box with heat packs and the cham must be delivered to the departure cargo office 4 hours prior to flight.The service will hand deliver the cham to the cargo hold at the departure airport and they will hand deliver it off the plane at the other end. The buyer needs to pick up the cham from the cargo office upon arrival.

I always check the schedule when shipping in winter to determine which planes are running the route I am sending the chams on . Boeing and bombardier Dash8 aircraft have temperature regulated cargo holds. Airbus, Embraer and Canadair CRJs do not have temperature regulated cargo holds. The airbus planes will loose 2 degrees celsius for each hour it is in the air.

So knowing the planes in service helps to determine which heat packs to use.

there is also a courier service n Canada. I have never used it and I don't think I ever will. It just presents too many potential problems regardless of the time of year.

I have even heard of reptiles being shipped via Grey hound bus . That is way too scary for me.

I recall a group chartering a tour bus in England to go to a Hamm show in Germany several years ago . They put all of their purchased reptiles in the cargo hold of the bus and when they arrived back in England , most of the reptiles were dead. Benny may remember that one.
With your explanation Harry, i am forced to review my position towards shipping during winter! :) Nevertheless, i wouldn't use it unless i was really forced to (and i cant think of a reason...), and i'd ask questions the seller to see if he knows what he is doing! ;)
Hey guys.
Wow thanks alot for all the replies so quickly. You guys are pretty serious about your chameleon interested pals.

Anyways back to the topic.
Now I know getting a chameleon shipped to me is out the question, I need to find a breeder around Ottawa. Toronto is pretty far, but Montreal is a drivable distance for me.
Or I might wait till the expo this month. Hope it doesn't fall through, I'm really looking forward to it.
Iv never been to an expo so I have a question for you guys.
Are the prices at expo's a. More expensive just because it's at an expo?
Or b. Cheaper because breeders are trying to compete?

Thanks again all!
FYI the Ottawa show was scheduled for last weekend but was cancelled at the last minute. There aren't many, if at all, chameleon breeders at the Ottawa expo as it's still a fairly small show. In all honesty I would be surprised if it even continues here for 2011+. Toronto (next show in February) is the biggest one and Montreal (next show in March) is gaining rapidly in popularity. You will find many breeders and even smaller hobbyists selling the popular and even rarer species of chameleons at both of these shows. Also watch the classifieds here and at other Canadian reptile hobby sites for the odd animals that go up for sale locally.

Prices at expos are generally cheaper for supplies, feeders and animals and in many cases some excellent deals can be made.

About Montreal, i don't know any petstore or private breeders that are worth talking about. I heard about a petstore in Montreal in the past, but i have never been there myself.

The only reputated sellers i know are in Quebec city, so i guess this is too far for you! ;)

Good luck in your search! :)
would you be able to share the breeder in Quebec City??? I have been looking everywhere.... do you know what kind of cham they breed???:D

There's a petstore called Animalerie Dyno on Soumande street that has great chameleons. I bought from them before, and i really don't regret it! They usually have over 30 chameleons for sale, of various species. Of course, pardalis are the most commons.

Otherwise, my Furcifer pardalis sambava comes from a private breeder. You can find his website here: . The owner, Cédric, is a great guy, and he cares a lot for his chameleons!

Hope that helps! :)
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