Other types of feeders besides crickets

Ive never tried silkies... With worms tho they are generally easier to feed because they are long and skinny... I would just use your best judgment as to what would fit inbetween your chams eyes and not look too difficult for him


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So at what age can I start giving other types of feeders to my baby cham? He is just over 2 months old right now.

I have a 3 month old panther and the breeder was giving fruit flies and dubias. He's eating crickets and dubias with dubias being his main diet. Im alternating with the crickets but I hate them so I don't keep them on hand. :) I hope that helps.


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You can give any insect that is appropriately sized. If you breed them you can start out with very small sizes that are fine for almost any age. I even had baby whites tree frogs eating silks, horn worms, roaches etc. Any insect that is small enough can be fed.


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How old or big do you think for silkies?

I started my baby panther on them last week. She is about 1.5-2 months and about 2.5-3 inches. Order the small ones or eggs because they grow fast. Start small too. I did 2 pods of 50 to start and half are too big for her to eat already and its been a week. You can also remove the big ones if you keep an eye on them, pick out the ones starting to get big so you can keep them from getting too big to feed. They last for like a week without food and they won't grow so...
I feed my baby jackson staple flies - along with small phoenix worms and crickets
they are smaller than house flies and he loves the hunt- my panther likes them also but prefers the bigger blue bottle - staple flies are smaller than a house fly but bigger than a fruit fly -
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