Orion claiming his domain


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Orion actively enforced his authority today when the rest of the Colony took a field trip outdoors. No challenge is too great for the up and coming tyrant of Spectrum Squamata, only George was willing to temporarily stand-up to Orion before backing down. For a male that I had literally no possible way of predicting the coloration outcome for, nor the sheer size, I could not be more pleased. And to top it all off, these amazing colors were visible even as he had just began to shed, making me anxious in anticipation of what he'll look like after.




That is one of my favorite gifs, I am glad it made its way to the forums. He also has been paired and currently is the sire of 4 clutches, 2 from a Noki female(Rottsko @ Komeleons), 1 from a Riker girl(Kerrek), and another from a Skywalker girl(Kerrek). I cannot wait to see the outcome of the pairings.
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