Orion and our new Faly


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Here is Orion enjoying his new setup, other than the camera in his face he seems much happier with the rearrangement. (Sorry for the poor lighting, were approaching winter in Oregon and sunlight is very sparse, also keep in mind he is mid-shed).

Here is our most recent and final acquisition and addition to our breeding colony, a WC Nost Faly purchased from a member here on the forums that came paired with a cb receptive female. (Again, I apologize for the poor lighting)

Mike Fisher

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Love the white on the new guy. He's probably pissed that he isn't in the Texas sun anymore. I had a friend move here from Texas once, and when I mentioned it gets dark @3:30 pm in the winter here, it was met with disbelief. You cham is probably going through the same adjustment.

And the long wait for July begins.......
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