Order Mix Up!


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I recently ordered some Temporalis from a site that I will not name and was sent Brevs instead! The guy really didn't know what types of pygmy's he had. When they were imported, they were simply labeled Rampholean. So he assumed they were Temporalis and advertised them as Temporalis on his site. Now I am stuck with these two until I can find a new home. Anyone want to make a trade for some Temporalis?

Sadly importers are just that, importers. They are not chameleon experts of any type. You should always try it get picture of the particular chameleons you will be getting to ensure they are what you want. Sorry you are having such a bummer.
That happens a lot with the pygmys especially. You can't get a refund since they're not the right species? They're cute lil brevs! :)

I was refunded for the price of the chams. I would have sent them back. But i figured they have been through enough stress to risk it.
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