Orangeheads, Discoids, Dubia surplus...need some?


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Hi folks,

Still have Nikko and my bug farm. I currently have a major surplus of orangehead roaches, discoids, and dubias. TONS of adults. Some mixed nymphs. Gauging interest to see if anyone would like to purchase.

*FYI - the discoids and orangeheads are currently overcrowded, even after separating into multiple bins. Some males have become aggressive towards each other, so wing damage is evident in some. Just being up front.

Please comment or message. Will discuss shipping and pricing.
Bumping this again in case there is interest. Can do starter colonies (adults) and/or mixed nymphs.

If anyone has suggestions of anywhere else to list, that would be great. My next step would be eBay. Thanks!

Handraised - amateur roach "farmer" :LOL:
Pricing/quantities is based on what I have. Can be flexible.

Orange head roaches:
-Mixed; small to adult (25) for $35
-Mixed; small to medium (25) for $30
-Adult only (15) for $30

Discoid roaches:
-Mixed; small to adult (25) for $40
-Mixed; small to medium (25) for $35
-Adult only (15) for $30

Dubia roaches:
-Mixed; small to adult (25) for $30
-Mixed; small to medium (25) for $30
-Adult only (5) for $12


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Have you checked with your locally owned pet stores? Last year I advertised my Surinam colony and excess discoids on Craig’sList and the man who bought them owns a small pet store.
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