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Hey everyone! I have a 7th month old male veiled chameleon named pascal. He is the joy of my life but he is very very picky! I’ve had many different issues with feeding him. He loved crickets and wax worms when he was a baby and I was feeding him 3-5 crickets a day. He then got sick of crickets and would only eat super worms. Now I’ve tried every possible feeder inset out there including fruits and veggies and he’s hardly eating a thing. I also give him all the supplements as needed and his lighting and temperature is all okay (already been checked by a vet). I have attached a few photos of him with his stimulated colours as well as his resting colours. I’m wondering if you all could give me your advice on how he looks weight wise as well as if he looks sick at all. Thank you !!


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I don't see any visible issues with your chameleon (sunken eyes in pics likely from reaction to camera) but I can relate to a picky eater. My veiled was the ultimate picky eater. Although they will not eat as much when they get older, and not even every day, variety is key. I'd try silkworms, black soldier flies, roaches, hornworms, etc.


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He is likely hunger striking due to wanting wax worms. Don't cave, try some fly's if you don't mind the possibility of escapees :).


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He already was on a hunger strike and barely ate anything for two months. Also he doesn’t even look at horn worms which I’ve heard is odd. Also I’ve been feeding his Repta boost every few days to keep up his energy
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