Opinions On Picture (Health Concern)

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Vield Chameleon, Male, turning a year this month. He has been in my care for about 6 months now.
Handling - He sees my hand everyday when I feed him, but I handle him maybe once a week.
Feeding - 7-10 large crickets a day, 2-6 medium/large dubais a day, horn worms/silks/meal-worms/wax worms given at random intervals (as snacks.) Everything is gut loaded with dry roach chow/cricket chow, kale, collard greens, carrots, apples, oranges.
Supplements - Plain calcium every feeding, calcium w/ D3 twice monthly, herpavite twice monthly.
Watering - Automatic mister, goes off every 2 hours. I see him drinking frequently. Eyes never look sunken.
Fecal Description - Tested for parasites- negative results. Stool is normal.
History - No known health issues. Shed recently.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Reptibreeze 2x2x4.
Lighting - UVA/UVB lights on 12 hours a day- 12 hours of dark at night.
Temperature - 80 at rest, 95 at basking.
Humidity - High at 80%, low at 45%.
Plants - Don't remember what it is, but it was on the safe list.
Placement - Low traffic area, no drafts.
Location - New York, USA

Current Problem - About 2 weeks ago Commah displayed two "deflated" round disks protruding from his vent. I panicked, but by the time I went to take a picture they were gone (not sure if they were passed, or taken back in?). Today I noticed again they were protruding from his vent again. I got the picture, but by the time I got him a bath ready (that was my first reaction), they were gone again. Whats going on?! Not sure if this is a vet issue or not- if it is I have no problem going- just didn't want to waste time going for a "normal" behavior. I'M SO WORRIED!

P.S. he has also been acting much more aggressive towards me. Not sure if it is related...



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They are sperm plugs. and hes an adult, its normal for them to get more aggressive as they get older.
Thank you.
I know he was bound to get more mean- just wasn't sure if it was related to the "problem".
Weird question- what "are" sperm plugs/what do they mean?


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they are exactly what they sound like.

sperm that he isn't using that he has to get rid of.

it means, hes an adult and wants a girlfriend.
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