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I have some concerns about my 5 month old Panther. He does not eat much and only weighs 27g. I have attached pictures of him flared up and then also normally. Seems very thin compared to my female that is about the same age (Week Weeks Older). I don’t know if I should take him to the vet or not. He is very energetic and I don’t see any other signs of concern. He shed today and also 4 weeks ago.

Chameleon. Ambilobe male 5 months old.
Handling. Only to take out when cleaning cage. He is not a fan of being handled.
Feeding. Supers crickets dubia. Five him 6-10 each day, but he only eats 3-4 and takes him all day to eat from feeder. Also put some on the wall to entice him.
Supplement. Arcadia earthpro-a every feeding and repashy calcium plus lod twice a month
Watering. Mistking set up for 1 minute 8pm, 9pm, 7am, 8am. I have three nozzle so a lot of water comes out. That is why a do 1 minute each time and do it twice just to keep some water on the leaves.
Fecal. Haven’t been able to check it before it dries up
Caging. 2 repitbreeze xl cages with sides plastic wrapped and divider between to cages. I also have a female in the second cage that is a much healthier weight and eats A LOT. They cannot see each other
Lighting. 12 on 12off. 60 watts basking bulb, sansi led grow light bulb for plants, and reptusun t5 48in hood spanning both cages with 5.0 uvb bulb

Temps. 87f bask temp floor temp 78-80.
Humidity. 50-60%

Plants. All Live Plants
Placement. Three off floor And not near any vents.

Location. Southern California


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27 is a little lower for a 5 month old. This is not what jumps out at me though. It is that he is not taking down far more feeders a day for his age. I would get a fecal run to rule out a parasite issue. Your temps are a bit warm at basking and ambient is a little high. Physically he looks good though.


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He looks fine physically to me too.

Be careful not to overfeed your female as she's is approaching maturity. You don't want her to develop reproductive issues.
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