Opinions on Bio-Pot please.


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So I wanted to follow up here. Every body really liked the concept, by every body I mean the few I talked to. I had no signs or any explanations. So it was too be expected. First show so I learned a lot.
On the pots. I took some pictures of them set up. There is some improvement in manufacturing lol that are needed. But I am likeing these.
@MissSkittles you had mentioned just the linoleum. I believe you have used the Bio Dude is this correct? If you will use it I would love to send you one for free. I would like honest opinions on it. What could be improved or changed. They need some work , but so far works great.


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I had initially bought the root pouches from the BioDude, but his were too small to properly fill out the area of my 2x2x4’ enclosures. Then I bought some pouches from Home Depot which were way too big, but with folding and scrunching, I made them work. I have bought more from Home Depot that I believe will be the correct size and fill out the bottom of my enclosures perfectly. Geez, just call me Goldilocks! :ROFLMAO: I’m currently waiting for stepdaughter to move out and get my reptile room back before setting up with the new bags. The filled bags are way too heavy to be moved, so I’ll have to break everything down when I move everything into the room.
I hadn’t planned on a fourth cham, so am lacking one pouch. I bought the substrate tray from DIY cages, which has a decent depth...about 4”. I was thinking that adding just the linoleum would bring the depth to a perfect level.
I truly appreciate your offer, but right now I’m just stuck waiting.
To help with marketing at shows, it may help to get a chameleon kit sized enclosure for display and signs, signs, signs! These would be great for any arboreal reptile, not just chams. You’ve got a great idea! You just need to sell it. ;)


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What plant is that you have in the first pic? It’s lovely 😍


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