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So my villed cameleon has been opening its mouth for no reason hes not hissing likes hes mad either he has already shed his skin about a week ago and today he had a late breakfast just today i started feeding him crickets again before i have fed him are large superworms and he ate them fine


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I forgot to mention he sometimes "yawned" he has only done this under the leat and uv light also I forgot to add the attachment


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After you fill out the care sheet....

There are several "mouth open"

Is is mouth gaping and staying open a while?
Is it making a popping sound when it breaths?
Is it just hot and cooling off its head by open mouth breathing?


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What are the temperatures in the enclosure?

Looking at that photo there is A LOT of things that need to be corrected for the long term health of your chameleon.

First move the dripper to on top of the cage and make sure there are leaves for the drops to land on.... the dripper where it is now with nothing to drip on is literally doing nothing.
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