Only eating mealworms

My chamelon has not been eating crickets i put 4-5 in there everyday with like 3 mealworms but she completely ignores the crickets she only eats the mealworms. Does anybody know why?
She won't let herself starve.
I remember my first beer...

Anyway Op has has a food hunger strike. This is why we recommend not feeding "just" crickets or "just" mealworms, etc.

If she is an adult or close to it, you should not be feeding a girl every day. Id switch here to twice a week, 3 times at most(you could do every 3 days, thats twice one week and three times the other, repeat).

For all we know she is starting to get eggs, and wants the smaller feeders instead of the larger crickets.

But its definitely possible to over feed a girl. Feed them too much and they turn into chickens and have way too many eggs way to early in life, and way too often.
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