online cham purchasing success stories?


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We had a whirlwind of a five months with our poor Tarzan and he is gone now, poor guy. As a result of the situation with him (he was our most recent veiled cham, died 3 weeks ago), I am a little gun shy about where to get the next one from. You see, we got him in December from a local store who had apparently gotten him from a reputable breeder. There is NO way this was the case. He was sick. Really sick. Of course, he didn't show signs until he was uprooted, travelled, new cage, etc... but his diagnoses were such that we all knew he could not have been cared for in his previous location. Long story short, it was a very trying and expensive 5 months and it was unfair to him and to my family. As my kids are young (7/7/9), I want to be much more cautious this time, so no more "local store go between". We are toying with the idea of a panther just so we can be sure the next one looks nothing like Tarzan, or maybe a bred veiled with very different colouring. In any case, I would LOVE to hear your success stories from specific breeders. Tell me where you got your chams and where I should our next little friend.

Appreciate you all!


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So sorry for your loss. If you want another Veiled then I would contact or @CasqueAbove (although I am not sure if he currently has babies still. Framschams also has Panthers.

As far as Panthers. You can not go wrong with Kammerflage or iPardalis
They are both site sponsors. There are others as well just do your home work and ask here if people would buy from them.
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