One step further with Simba :)


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Well., tried him with wax moths this morning. What a flamin nightmare!!! The little buggers can't be picked up and just flutter about with no purpose. Then when you do get hold of one, he ends up running away from it coz its flappin its wings like crazy!!! LOL
In the bin with those!!!
Will just stick with locusts as his staple as he knows what he's doing with those, and offer his other feeders every other day.

Anyway, the step further part: Today I thought I'd just go with instinct and put a butterworm on my hand which I put in his cage palm up and kept totally still. Took him a little while to realise I wasn't going to eat him, he didn't eat the worm, but he did start climbing around the branches and his cage quite near my hand instead of running away.
I'm hoping if I keep associating my hand with rewards in this way, he'll stop being wary, then maybe eat from my hand or even step onto it eventually. Just hope he doesn't turn into a stroppy little man's head as he gets older!!! LOL

Anyway, just wanted to share as apparently he does seem more confident.

Funny how you don't notice their changes until u look at past pics. He looks so.....babyish!!! in his first pics.

He must be 3 x size what he was a month ago. My baby boy is growing up!!!:D Although, I know he's still no where near!!!

He's getting greener all the time...roll on the next shed!!!

He's just fab!!!:D


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Well, I spoke too soon.

Went in there to feed him this morning and what a state...busting out of his skin like there's no 2mrw.
He must have been so fed up and itchy, bless him. Didn't stop him devouring his hatchling locusts tho :D Must be doing summat right if he's growing and healthy ;)

Hubby left camera in the van at work, so no shed pics, sorry :(

Took him no time at all to get the skin off.

Hope to get some nice colourful piccies 2mrw :D
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