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I Just Have One Question.....i Have A Baby Veiled And I Was Wondering If I Were To Give It Warm Showers(like I Have Seen Others Do However Theres Are Not Babys) Would It Stress Little Popeye Out?
Thank For Anyones Post!:) :)
Hello REL JJA, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :D

Anytime you shower a chameleon you do introduce stress. However, the benefit of an optimally hydrated chameleon is usually worth the added stress. From my limited experience and from reading and talking to others that use showers, the observable stress involved usually seems to decrease over time.

The problem with showering baby chameleons is that chameleons are easily susceptible to drowning. I would wait a few months. You can simulate rain by using warm water and a misting bottle.
As Brad said, showers can be good for hydrating, but unless they really need it I would not do it all that often. If you live in an area where you have sunning cages outside you can shower them from the hose but make sure the water in the hose is not too hot (baking in the sun all day) or too cold.

Is there a specific reason you are inquiring? Keep in mind, too that they do not absorb poisture thru their skin as much as thru their nasal passage so humidity is really key.

You should never give baby chameleons of any type, or small species of other types of chameleons showers. They are too little and can possibly drown. :)
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