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Alright, folks. I know I've already posted a thread about superworms but I have some more questions about meal worms. Okay, so they've got this head that the chameleons "usually" bite off. How will he know that he's supposed to do that? What will happen if he does it wrong? Will the worm bite him? B/c that's what I heard and red - if so, then AAAAAAA!!!!:eek:

Okay, so, I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to Tarzan b/c he's my baby and I don't wanna hurt him.

Therefore: I'm considering completely skipping the entire idea of using meal worms.

Puh-leeeeese convince me otherwise, good people of the forum.

Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day, or night, or whatever...depending on where you are...yeah

okay.....peace out.

I assume you are asking about meal worms as an additional food source. I am not going to try and talk you out of it. There are a lot of other feeders that are better for your cham (silkworms, crickets, roaches, ...). I use meal worms once in a while and have never had any problems that I recall.
haha! you're funny ;)

I FEEL your anxiety! I really did not mean to make as big a deal about the superworms and I apologize. As for this are confusing mealworms and superworms. Re-read the rest of the posts by me, nosferatu and jenna in your previous thread for some clarification. I think it will help you out.

I have a colony of about 100 supers all the time b/c they are so easy to keep. My beardie (when he is eating) loves them. Luna did too when she was here (lost her in July :( so PLEASE don't let what I said dissuade you from using them. Just be sure to offer a varied diet of insects and remember, veiled will eat some fruits and veggies, too!

sorry for all the confusion :confused:
lele -
A hemm hemm...

Brad: of COURSE i didn't mean as a main food source, silly!! I'm just trying to spice things up a little more and I wanted to learn about something that could do that. ;)

LeLe - Thank you, m'dear. That actually helped a lot. And yes, I had confused the two. I think i read that super worms were just gigantic meal worms....something about steroids.....what..??? :p

But, yeah, I'm glad you wrote again b/c no one has really been able to answer that one for me. I appreciate your time and your patience.

Respectfully yours,

Tarzansma - a.k.a HardCore :cool:

yeah, right.
a23cham said:
personally i recommend waxworms

waxworms are a great treat! they are very fatty and "rich" so should only be given as a treat or to help get weight and nutrition for a cham that may be recovering from illness, poor care, etc.
Tarzansma said:
LeLe - Thank you, m'dear. That actually helped a lot. And yes, I had confused the two. I think i read that super worms were just gigantic meal worms....something about steroids.....what..??? :p

yeah, the giant MEALworms (diff from superworms) are given growth hormones to make them big. Never buy them. :mad:

Funny thing about Tarzan's new nosy be is temporarily named the ZanMan! I have not gotten him yet, but his "mom" began calling him Tarzan b/c he would latch onto her long hair and swing around! A few times she would be looking for him, or sitting at her computer, when she would find him in her hair! So his nick name is the ZanMan! he is not even 3 months and is already showing his blue :E I'll upload some pics later.

How did your Tarzan get his name?

When I first brought Tarzan home, I put him on the couch while I made the finishing touches on his cage. Well, behind my couch is a gigantic wall of bamboo - I made a textured wall out of a roll of bamboo from Home Depot (ahh, I just love how being cheap leads to creativity - now, almost all the rooms in my house have one bamboo wall) ANYhoo - I let Tarzan roam a little and noticed how he really wanted to climb up the bamboo. It's all laquered and slippery so I put him on the little potted bamboo I had instead. IMMEDIATELY he grabbed the leaves and started swingin' around. It was hilARious. I mean, seriosly, he had me rollin. Theafora - Tarzan he became.

Oh! I wanted to tell you, I have given him wax worms before and such, but I tried to feed him out of my hand for the first time.....*drum roll please*..............HE ATE IT!! :eek: Muahahahahah!!! I'm so proud. Not only that, but he didn't hiss or get grumpy w/ me AT ALL! Oh, hoo ha.

Well, have a wonderful day!! And I highly recommend the name Tarzan in any case for any chameleon. It's the greatest. :D

Tata! - Tarzansma:cool:
It's funny, but nature has a way of working things out instinctively.... Females know how to dig holes and lay their eggs even their very first time. It has always amazed me how they just know how to do this!

And same with worms.... a chameleon will know when the feeders are too big for them to handle, as well as know where and when to snag it. Use common sense when feeding and also give your chameleon some credit too :). After all, they come from thousands of years of wild habitat. Instinct can be an incredible thing. :)
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