one eye closed and rubbing alot


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does anyone no why my veiled is closing one eye and once in a while rubbing it on the branch, I use a 5.0 uvb coil bulb, and he is well hydrated
could be an infection, could be some particulate caught in the eye, could be some dead skin from an old shed that he didnt get rid of. Could you post a pic of the eye in question?
Either way, it might be wise to give him a warm shower to let him wash it out. If its an infection you'll need to see a vet though
yeah I just gave him a warm shower and turned off the uvb light to see if that's the problem, ill attach a photo please give me some advise to what u think could be causing this asdasdas.jpg
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Dont turn off the UVB, its needed and the 'UVB bad for eyes' thing tcomes from when the CFL UV bulbs were first coming out and werent in the proper spectrum (went into UVC and caused cellular damage). They're issues that have been rectified as far as I know.

off hand, it doesnt look like a shedding issue, and it doesnt look terribly infected. How does the other eye look comparatively? How long as he been doing this? Someone else will have to give their two cents, but if I had to guess I'd say there's either something in his eye or its the beginnings of an infection
His other eye is the same is does not rly close that much, once and awhile I notice both eyes closed for a small period but normally it's just that one eye, what other signs of infection would there be ?
yes, I suggest to fill out the form above.
Also might want to try dropping/cleansing its eyes with saline solution like contacts cleaner.
Check UVB bulbs output. He probably has something in his eye which can and most times can cause an infection. Need to get him to the vet to flush and treat an infection if it is starting.
while he is home give him a long misting every hour to see if it
is something he can work out...
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