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Why does my female veiled chameleon walking on the bottom of the tank. The temperatures in the cage are good. She walks on the bottom where there are no plants or sticks. and guesses why she does this?
She's probably just exploring.
If she's eating, drinking and pooping and looks good she's probably okay.
Babies are funny and they're in a new space. Make sure the male is not bullying her or making her stay down there.
How are her colors?

I think she looks great. Here is a picture tell me what you think? Sorry its not that great of a picture. IMO I think she is more of a bully then him
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I was just reading something about uvb lighting. Is it true that 30 minutes out in the sun is equall to a week of uvb lighting in the cage?
I certainly wouldn't risk replacing a uvb light with a weekly 1/2 hour outside.
Any time they can be out in the sun, however, will be greatly beneficial.
Just be sure you don't leave them out there without some way to get into shade or be otherwise protected from the sun. In other words baking them is not recommended. On the flipside make sure you don't take them out if it's too cold.

I took a look at the site for building a cage. thank you. It says to use pet screen. Is this the best thing to use or is there anything else that is safe? Im going to run to home depot to look, but I want to know my options before I go see how much they are.
Home depot will have rolls of window screen and pvc coated hardware cloth.
Ask where they are (two different locations in the store).

I was thinking of getting a humidifier as well. The humidity in the house stays around 20-30%. I also spray the tank a few times as well to raise it up. Do you think it is worth getting a humidifier for my vields? What should the humidity really be? I always see different numbers. i THINK THAT IT SHOULD BE AROUND 30-50 percent. Is that correct?
I think if you can get it over 40 you'll be in good shape.
If you build your future enclosure with a couple of solid walls, include a lot of live plants and mist often you should be able to achieve this without a humidifier.
I live in a very dry environment and don't use one because I don't want to maintain (clean) it. I am able to keep the humidity between 40 and 65 doing what I mentioned above.

Why does my female veiled chameleon walking on the bottom of the tank. The temperatures in the cage are good. She walks on the bottom where there are no plants or sticks. and guesses why she does this?

Is she caged by herself? I would double check your temps. Aquariums have poor air circulation and they can get hot.
My baby chameleon did this when i first got him but he was exploring but he only did this for 1 day and he has never done it since..
Im going to be building their cages this upcoming week. I would like to know what you guys usually use to build the frame. Is it possible to use PVC piping for the frame? I rather use that so I don't have to seal the wood, but if thats what I have to do I will. Also I looked at many cages and see that the uvb light is on the outside, doesn't the screen block a lot of the rays? Couldn't you just put in inside at the top and fasten it there? Also I would like to get a plant or few, I have read a lot about the plants but am interested in what you guys use. I would like to have something that doesn't really need to go outside in the sunlight and something simple to take care of.
You can make it exclusively out of window screening kits. Build it around say something like a mortar tub and you have a pretty descent cage.

project 005.jpg

You can use the corner "L" (in picture) to avoid miter cuts in the corners. Not to hard to do the rest.
My veiled is still wondering on the bottom of the cage? She just likes to walk on the glass bottom. She is very active and healthy but I don't know why she does this. The only reason I can come up with is that she feels stessed from the other veiled. They are 8 weeks now and I am currently building there new cages but I still want to know why she is doing this. Do you think she will do it in the new cage?
Stress would do it. I have some very young veileds paired up in neonate housing right now, and just had to do a housing change for one pair. The little male is actually the larger of the two that were in that enclosure. I had noticed that at times he was showing some stress coloration.. black.. and kept watching to see why. I finally figured it out yesterday. The little female he is in with and him were perched fairly close together, both green, doing fine.. and.. WHAP~! The little female shot him upside the head with her tongue. He naturally fell off of his perch, and promptly turned black. Yup, they now reside in seperate enclosures.

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