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Has anyone else read the thread on MBD in the health forum .MBD had to be one of the most awe full thing I have seen when it comes to our pets. I currently own 1.1 Yemen and my lil female worries me she is not growing due to the fact that she eats very lil.,so obv her calcium intake is on the low side. I take good care of my chams and have the best equipment. UVB , basking lamp, mister on a timer...ect. Now after reading these story's about the diseases that can be contracted from neglecting your chams , now I realize just how fragile these creatures can be in their first year. As a first time owner , I am truly lucky to have this forum. Now I have the ammo to properly care for my chams. This female NAHLA is gonna be a challenge to get her thru the first year mbd free...!so to anyone slacking on their husbandry take a look at those stories and pics on that thread and if u care about your animals like I do ,you will freak the F..K out..THANK U TO EVERY MEMBER WHO HAS TAKEN A MINUTE TO ADVISE ME ON MY YEMEN CHAMS ALI AND NAHLA....
I'm glad you are doing lots of research. Keeping these fragile creatures is a very steep learning curve. The best advice I can give is to get to know your chams and if you see the slightest change it is good to get help. Often chams hide illnesses and by the time you notice something they are often ill. Giving too much in the way of supplements is often just as bad as not enough. How long is it since the female has eaten?

Probably a week I'm gonna get some meal worms later and offer one too interest in cricket at all
Just to put this in perspective...MBD can happen to anything with a bony skeleton. In mammals its also known as rickets. Chameleons are no more succeptible to it than other herps that bask to regulate their calcium/phosphorus/Vitamin D metabolism. It just means doing your research and providing the correct combination of lighting, dietary nutrition, and balanced supplements. IMHO a thermal burn is worse.
consider getting "calcium glubonate" it's a liquid form but my vet says some veileds just go throw growth spurts and times when they require more cal.

my veiled was displaying early signs like grabbing his own feet, went to vet got on cal glub and turned him around fast... just from my experience.:)
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