Oliver 8/18/13


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Hello, I haven't been on at all recently, but now with school starting back up I will be around much more. I just wanted to update Oliver.
Remember when he was just a little brown stick?


Well through the summer he has changed a lot!


This beautiful little late bloomer was sired by Mister Twister at Chamalot Chameleons. Thank you Dez!

I've re-done his cage again and I finally caved and ordered a bigger outside one because he finally outgrew it. I still have trouble with drainage sometimes, but eventually I think I will get it. How is everyone else doing? Ready for school? :)

More pictures: https://www.chameleonforums.com/members/froggielog-albums-oliver-through-summer.html


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He looks AWESOME now! I always say late bloomers are the best and Oliver is just more proof of that.
He doesn't look too small to me. He looks very healthy and his colors are vibrant .

Some chameleons are bigger than others just like people .
Thank you for all the nice words! Oliver is happily awaiting when weather isn't so hot that bugs don't die in transport. He seems to get brighter each time new bugs come.
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