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I know, a couple of years back, that I came on here all wrong.....I think / hope I put that right but now have a further question for those that know.

Having learned much over the last 2 years ( menial in comparism I know ) but my every day has been my 3 Chams....all been well and healthy. Two boys and one girl. The girl laid a healthy clutch in August and they are cooking well.

My problem is that she is clearly ready to deposit again ( fertile or otherwise ) and she is refusing.. Last time I saw the signs and moved her to a secluded viv / laying bin as she was not happy with the bin provided in her viv. Once moved she laid right away...no probs...

This time she has ignored that bin, tried her in own viv, made a special big viv/ bin, covered / protected bins...nothing.... she refuses to lay point blank! I am worried now as she clearly cant get any bigger before she pops ! Any ideas what I can do to encourage her to lay.
I do feel I am one step away from oxyitocin


does she go down in the bin and scratch and roam around and decide she doesn't like it, or does she not even attempt to go down in the bin. have you tried a different type of soil mixture, like moist sand or something? just a suggestion. hopefully she lays soon!!


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Thanks for the replies....and the welcome back
I have tried everything. Her laying bin is 16" tall, wide and deep and full of moist sand. It's in the bottom of her viv. She loved it last time, no hesitation, straight in and digging. She has seclusion, not overlooked nor do I try and catch a crafty peek and to ensure no-one else tries, I keep the area covered.
I have even removed the bin and ' trapped ' her in it. Adding a couple of branches and covering so she has no options but she just climbs as high up the twig as she can and sits there.
Quite simply she won't even go down to the sand, just sits. A point eventually comes where I have to move her back to her viv for heat / light / food.
The only thing I think now is that by moving her I've unsettled her. Although I only moved here as little as necessary.
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