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Discussion in 'General Photography' started by bobcochran, May 16, 2018.

  1. bobcochran

    bobcochran Chameleon Enthusiast

    Hey Ralph, you should have taken the runt!! He had a growth spurt and passed up the second largest male!
    Oh yeah, he also colored up.
    IMG_8425 (1).jpg
    Hell, I didn't know either!
  2. Ekona

    Ekona Established Member

    Freakin awesome!
  3. OldChamKeeper

    OldChamKeeper Chameleon Enthusiast

    Nubby! I'm glad you bought him from Bill. He turned out nice and only needed some TLC
  4. Char333p

    Char333p Established Member

    Look at those back spikes! very interesting coloration
  5. bobcochran

    bobcochran Chameleon Enthusiast

    Ralph, this isn't Nubby, although I still have Nubby. This is the T. hoenelii male that was a bit runty and always dark colored. He's 11 months old now and looking good! Just took him a little longer.

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