Old burn on back


Hi everyone,

back when she was younger, Maggie burned her back (I’m still not 100% sure how as I’m anal about her basking branch)

it’s never been an issues before, no pus or anything, but on her last shed this week, her spine didn’t shed properly, so we gently nudged the flap with a damp cotton bud and it came off. There was a hard, black line down the centre of the spine, and it revealed some pink skin underneath.

I know a lot of people use silverdene on here, but I’m on the UK and it doesn’t seem to exist. I have managed to find Tamodine, which I have purchased. The instructions say after use it has to be thoroughly cleaned out… and I’m just wondering if this is correct (the instructions are not chameleon specific) as my Cham will not appreciate that (not even sure how I would go about it as she does not tolerate being handled at all)

anyone else got some experience they could share?

im still, months later, beating myself up about her getting burned, so please be kind. I just want what’s best for Maggie, I love her to pieces.

picture taken just now


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Looking up Tamodine it appears to be an effective wound cleaner for reptiles. I’m not really sure of it’s use though. Silvadene is the brand name of silver sulfadiazine cream. It should be internationally available.


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I think you can get flamazine in the UK ...but only by prescription. It's a silver sulfadiazine cream that is used for human burns as well.


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So the image looks as though the burn has healed and now the spikes have fallen off which does happen... How long ago was the initial burn? Because you said your beating yourself up months later. Burned spots on chams can always have issues shedding. We apply the silver cream when the burn actually is fresh. This heals the skin and prevents infection. Not sure doing it now would do much.
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