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ok im either going to go with the lllreptile mist system or the big apple mister. they are the best misters in my price range, and i would like some opinons on which one yall would get of the two, thanks again for everyone's help

lllreptile mister

big apple mister

also this will be for a small baby veiled set up, i only plant to have one misting nozzle, i dont know if this matters or not, i just want a basic mister. i will wont be gone from my home more than 8 hrs at a time, i could come home for lunch to add water if any of that matter, i thought i would just add a little more info, anyways thanks again!
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I'm also curious because I was looking into purchasing one but didn't know which one was better. Lets wait and see.
yeah, i know nothing about misting systems and what im looking for, ive tried researching but no luck and couldnt find much, and im not looking for this amazing mist system, i just want a simple one that does a good job.
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One of these days... I'll finally finish my mist system article...:(

But in the meantime, Bob at www.pro-products.com has a new package PMP-50. It may not be on his website yet but you can give him a call or an email and chat-it-up :). Based on what I've heard from those who have just purchased them, it looks like it is a good pump package.

I don't recommend the type sold by LLL or Big Apple since they don't usually survive being run dry and can't be run for beyond 5 minutes per session.

Here's what Bob sent me:

Hi Dave,

Although we are going to officially release the product in mid to late June, it is completed and available. Quick history behind the system; we will not sell anything that is of low quality and take great pride in making only top of the line products. To make a system that would cost less, but still provide the quality I demand was a challenge. The PM-50 is not significantly less expensive than our other models, but every bit helps when one is on a budget, with an introductory price of $129.95. The PMP-50 pump shares many of the same features our premium PMP-60 & 70 pumps do, including intermittent or continuous operation, even if run dry without any damage. Pump will stay cool, even if run continuously, pump is self priming as our other pumps are and is just as quite as our other pumps. The PMP-50 pump can handle up to 12 nozzles and will outperform any other standard system. We have introduced adjustable nozzles with this system, but have designed them so they can be locked in place, preventing any accidental movement to an undesired position. The nozzles are using a good quality plastic nozzle and can be upgraded to our premium nozzles. We still use our ¼” opaque tubing which outperforms other types of tubing used. The system doesn’t include a timer as many of our customers already have one, helping to reduce the cost. Timers can be purchased separately if desired and we are also adding a new cycle timer to our accessories. The cycle timer will be able to operate from 2 to 120 sec. per cycle with an off time between cycles from 12 minutes to 12 hours. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Bob Pound [email protected]
Pro Products www.pro-products.com
Dave has offered some great advice.

The new system by Pro-Products sounds great for people with a small number of chams. My current setup is overkill for only two cages.
Thanks Dave, I was looking for a misting sytem for a while, you came through in the nick of time lol. I'm definitly getting one of these once I get my funds up.
alright thanks guys for your comments, ill see how much the PMP-50 package is and if it aint that bad ill get it. thanks again

I think the PMP-50 kit is $129.99. Tell Bob that Dave Weldon sent ya :). I'm trying to get his attention about how many of us are chameleon keepers so that he will eventually make a kit that is even more tailored to our needs.
yeah i emailed him yesterday, i havnt gotten anything back yet, but thats not a bad price 129, do you know how much he charges for shipping? thanks again for everyones help!
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