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I take no offense to any advice or help what so ever!! here are the details:

Spunky is a female veiled chameleon that we purchased at PetSmart. I've had her for only about 2 weeks now. She really doesn't like to be handled and hisses at me if I bother her. So, I only really handle her during home cleanings. However, she is seeming to relax a little more. I will put my hand in her home and over the last few days, I've been able to get a little closer to her each day without any signs of stress. She will just sit there and look at my hand for a bit and then will walk away.
I give her mealworms, but she doesn't seem to thrilled about them. She's averaging about 5-10 small crickets a day. I keep an eye on her and if she eats the ones in her home, I'll add another a bit later. Usually she gobbles it right up.
In the cricket keeper, I put Fluker's Orange Cubes.
I mist her home on average 3-4 times a day. She doesn't like being directly sprayed but as soon as I mist her home, she starts moving around and drinking instantly. I also keep a cup on top to drip water.
Her poop is dark brown to black and every day I see her doing her business. :rolleyes:
Her home is an ExoTerra rainforest terrarium. The measurements are 12"x12"x18" and it's part glass/part screen. I know she needs an all screen home and am currently working on a new home for her.
I use a 5.5" clamp lamp for basking light using a 75 watt UVA bulb. She also is by a window and stays on the side of her home next to the window. She spends 75% of her day looking out the window.
She has climbing vines. The basking temp. is around 95 and the middle/lower home temps are average 80 during the day. Nighttime temps average 70. Higher up around her basking perch it gets around 95. I have little thermometers in her home to keep track of the temps and also one for the humidity which I keep around the 40-50 range, misting helps alot.
As of right now she only has fake plants, but I really want to get some real ones. Any good ideas?
Her home is in my room on a bookshelf about 3 feet off the floor, next to a window and away from the regular traffic through the house. She spends alot of time by the window, just watching the dogs and horses outside, and never puffs up or hisses, so she seems to enjoy her view.
We live in Shiner,TX which is smack dab in the middle of nowhere lol. Basically in the middle of Houston,San Antonio, and Austin.
Well, there ya have it. Pretty much everything I could think of. :eek:
Any advice or opinions (as long as it's helpful to Spunky!) is ALWAYS welcome. :)
Thanks so much for your help!!
-Katie and Spunky


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