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    I wish I took a picture...

    Recently stole away a young male veiled being sold at a shop that didn't much care for him. Tank mate squeaked, had a large amount of mucus when gaping, and seemed to have a hard time breathing. Now, since being brought in he has stopped being super brown, his nostrils are starting to clear up, and he doesn't squeek nor does he have the little pop you get as if they hav an RI.

    Issue is, when he sleeps at night he slowly pushes his head upwards, as if he was doing yoga... and eventually he will make a small squeak as if he was caught off guard and curls right back on his branch. He has done this every night after the first night in.

    Thoughts? Should I be worried?

    If I catch pictures of it, I'll post it here.
  2. davthevieled

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    Just for clarification:

    By tank mate, I mean from the location that he was purchased from. When he first arrived and when we first got him, he was a dark brown color for his first day there until he got settled in on Day 2. Day 2 he was a gorgeous green up until it was time to do his first misting which at that point he just... wasn't putting up with any attention. Attributing that to just him being a cham who just got home for the first time. He is very active, keeps his eyes on any movement around him, and is eating a healthy amount and I have been seeing him drink.

    He only does the whole... cobra position for maybe about an hour or so before moving back to his standard sleeping position.

    Urate when he first was home was about a rough, lightish yellow. Since then has become that healthy white with some healthy looking stool as well.

    Temps: 83-84 degrees for his basking spot, 72-80 throughout the tank. For humidity, I do about three long mistings through the day and waiting to buy some more tubing and nozzles to get my old mistking set up.

    He's in a mid sized reptibreeze with several highways, vines, and will be getting a small hibiscus soon.

    Crickets for food atm with calcium, calc + d3, and vitamin supplement
    Calc w/o twice a week
    Calc w/ d3 once
    Vitamin twice a week

    I'm using the same kind of bulb that I used when I still had Dav and did Calc with D3 once a week then, and he didn't suffer from MDB, so I'm hoping this will be fine just the same.

    I've uploaded three pictures:

    He is the one on the left (Yes, the tankmate was green at the start but just from opening the cage you could hear the RI. Bob (It's what we named him... originally the idea was to get a beta since small apartment but seeing these two I just couldn't, so the joke is his name is Bob Fish... )

    The photo on the hand was day one as we put him in his enclosure.

    The photo in his pjs is him now. I understand this isn't the best way to gauge health as they don't have any control over pigmentation, will be getting a day photo tomorrow when I wake up before the first misting. 21740619_10156308258802119_5631441865515056368_n.jpg

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    IMG_0572.JPG Lucky me he did it again before going to bed...

    Well not lucky in a sense that I'm worried he might also have an RI... but lucky because I now have a picture.

    You can get a clear shot of his nostrils here as well. I just don't know, I have never seen this before.
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    I'm no expert but in my opinion it seems that he is showing signs of a RI. I've had a cham tragically pass away from one before because I was a new owner and didn't know what to look for and by the time I took her to the vet it was too late, she died a few weeks later due to that and other complications. I would suggest a vet visit. When I rescued my latest veiled as a baby he showed slight signs of a RI. I heard that bumping up the heat can help, so I bought a ceramic bulb and used it at night and the symptoms went away shortly after. I took him to the vet months later and he checked out fine (aside from he has gout that he's been living with since March) . I got him about a year ago and he's doing great right now. Anyways sorry for ranting, but I'd suggest a vet visit to nip it in the bud.
  5. davthevieled

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    This has kind of been the plan since I normally like to get fecals done early. Just means I'll be getting this done sooner than later. I might try bumping up the heat a bit as well in the interim, was just hoping and praying RI might not be the issue. Then again, his old home at that store was practically begging for issues so I shouldn't be surprised.
  6. davthevieled

    davthevieled Established Member

    Well horrible update... Called the vet as soon as they opened. Got an appointment for 5:20 pm... bad part is when I went to check in on the little guy as I turned on his lights, he was gaping and gasping. Definitely an RI. Crossing my fingers.
  7. Angelwolf

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    Do you have him housed with another cham? If so, they need separated immediately!
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    That picture was clearly from the pet store. Was showing a comparison, but thank you for stating that.
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    Ok. I was afraid they were still together. I was a little confused by your initial explanation of the pic. Thanks for clarifying!
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    Calcium without D3 every feeding, Calcium with D3 x2 a month, Vitamins x2 a month.
  11. davthevieled

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    That's what I used to do with Chams in the past, but I just looked at Dr. Wheelock's post and from what I saw there... it was 2x calc w/ no D3, no D3 period, and 2x vitamins a week.
  12. VeiledMathis

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    If the chameleon isn't getting any natural sunlight, it needs D3!
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    Which is why I posted saying I personally was going to give D3...

    "Crickets for food atm with calcium, calc + d3, and vitamin supplement
    Calc w/o twice a week
    Calc w/ d3 once
    Vitamin twice a week"

    It's almost like I took input from one forum post, then applied my own uses since Dr. Wheelock's thread stated the cham needed sufficient lighting to be completely off D3 supplements.

    But good on you assuming that I blindly follow information without applying my own stock here. I have a sick cham with an obvious RI. I don't need someone barking that shit isn't right when he has been in my care for 2 days and I haven't had even the slightest impact on being able to improve much for him.

    I have an appointment today, and will be getting the stuff to send a fecal sample asap. At this point, that is where we are at.
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    No one was "Barking that shit" just trying to help out, been doing this a LONG time but hey your cham you do what's best, I mean you purchased a sick chameleon knowing it was housed with one that had a RI so what do I know.
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  15. davthevieled

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    It is almost like I was prepared to go to the vet if he started showing signs of an RI, since I knew they wouldn't and the other one was from the sound of it at that time a lot further down that road.

    Let's not bring up how long we've been doing this. This isn't my first cham, this isn't my first RI, and this isn't my first from a pet shop bought with the explicit desire to pull them out of a bad situation.

    But yeah man, let's make this about how right you are when I have experience with D3 at that regiment with no history of MBD in either my previous Veiled and Mellers who were rehomed since I had to move a few years back.

    I'm so glad I came back, wondering about an odd behavior to have someone judge me based on something I have experience with to be successful in the past.
  16. VeiledMathis

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    Have a nice day...Since you have skills...Congrats!!!!
  17. bobbydigital

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    Hope all goes well. Good that you're addressing it sooner than later.
  18. davthevieled

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    Just got done, he was put on Fortaz for 20 doses. Paid for his fecal so just gotta get a fresh one soon. As soon as he got home he went hunting and snagged a few crickets.

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