Odd colored urates and Jax not eating

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Hi I Have a female Jackson chameleon that i got last October I think she is a little older than 1 and she has really odd colored urates and is not eating. I usually feed her crickets, roaches , meal worms , beetles and occasionally grass hoppers.I have tried all of those things but she will not eat them. She reluctantly ate 1 roach yesterday and none today. She is also not going on her hanging plant and is only on the stick below. She is drinking more water than usual and I am doing the same I have done the whole time I have had her and have never seen her urates like this . what should I do?


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She looks pregnant to me.
There's about half a year gestation period before giving birth so counting the months this could be any day now.

If you're really worried take her to a vet to confirm pregnancy, also brinv the stool samole. But if she appears healthy I would try to leave her in her enclosure.
Also start thinking about what you will do with the offspring, leaving em with the adult is not a good option.

(I'm not an expert on breeding chameleons but this is what I would do.)
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