Oak silkmoth as feeders? (Antheraea pernyi)


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I bought some oak silkmoth cocoons today, in hope of hatching out some pretty moths. Are oak silkworms/moths suitable as feeders for chameleons? I know they mostly feed on oak and that oak is high in tannins so I'm not sure. I'd be interested to know if they can feed on other plants & if that would make them more suitable. They are non-mulberry silkworms.
dont know much about their nutritional value, but it looks like their larva are covered in irritating hairs...or did you mean just the adults?
yea, I thought about the hairs on the caterpillars too but I thought the moth might be suitable except I'm not sure about the oak
most caterpillars void their stomachs/gut before pupating, and in general moths are safe as feeders. Im not sure about how much tannic acid carry over there would be from oak leaves; I know stick bugs are frequently raised on oak leaves and they're used as feeders rather frequently. Sorry I cant be of much more help!
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