Now have two chameleons!


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I have had little Kanaida(anime character from Akira) for a few weeks now. Well someone brought this girl into my work because they didn't have time for her anymore. Her poor cage is so bare, I need to get more plants ASAP! She is about 7 months old.


and one of Kanaida he hates the camera!
It's a shame for them that they gave up on her - she is a fine looking chameleon.

But, it's your gain then right? Look after her well - they'll make a nice pair.
sorry to be a pain in the butt but she needs water her eyes are alil sunken in not by much just enough to say hey that chams deydrated but a shower can fix that for you and a good feeding should bring her back but good luck with her they sure are hardy
atleast its in a good home now

Hey atleast its in a good home now, and they just didn't let it die. I have heard of people just giving up and not trying to find a better home for some of their chameleons and just let them die (sad I know). They will make a nice pair if your going to breed them later. Oh I have a question in the 3rd pic what kind of cage do you have him in? I am in the process of building a bigger cage and was wondering what kind of screen is on your cage. I don't want to use harsh window screen, and I can't find a great screen to put on the cage. Any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks
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