Nothing but Ambanja right here!


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So I picked this boy up from Raphael in Florida as I am sure many saw the post under the classifieds.

I love him! Such a gentle giant!

Hand feeds, loves the ladies! What more could i ask for? Oh a beautiful blue bar right down the middle and a perfect V! He will go great with the Chuck G blue line/ Iwo line from Jungle Panthers! Will be awesome!


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He looks good!! Believe it or not, I have his brother from the SAME clutch!!:D

Oh wow I had no idea the two were related? They are both awesome looking!

I love those blue spots on his cheeks! Very handsome boy you have there :)

Thank you!

Gentle Giant, yeap that's him .. no other word describe him. I missed him.

He is so cool. I can not wait till his females are big enough for him to breed!

Beautiful! Love banjas!

Thanks, ambanjas are the greatest in my book! They were my first passion with chams!


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He's so beautiful! I have an ambanja that it about 7 months old, and I'm starting to see beautiful color! So excited to continue watching his color evolve. :) Yours looks amazing. :D
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