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Ok... My new favorite locale is now Ambanja for sure. It use to be Nosy Be, because I love the color blue so much, but literally, Ambanja's have it all. They're like the upgraded version of the Ambilobe (no offense).

Let me start with my current Ambanja boys, T'Challa and Kobe, both have some spectacular potential in them based on their bloodline. T'Challa comes from a blue Ambanja bloodline, and his sire "Behind Blue Eyes" from Kammerflage is absolutely breathtaking w/ his deep blue body and red bars/accents. T'Challa is starting to grow a little everyday it seems. He eats like a machine.

Kobe is my oldest and largest one of the two. He comes from a bloodline that has potential to produce some good looking blurple babies if I pair him with the appropriate female one day. He seemed to really settle in quickly to his new cage and me. He reminds me a lot of Neptune, my old Nosy be boy I purchased from Kammerflage about a decade ago. I really really wanna breed him he's looking like a stud already.

Pics starting from when I first got them to present.


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