Not sure what my Cham just ate!

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by McBoredFace, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. McBoredFace

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    I’m a little worried. I was watching Durnehviir climb the stairs to head back to his cage and I turned around to take a drink and I turn back I see him chewing something. It was too late and he swallowed it. I’m praying it was just a spider. But what if it was a piece of stringy fuzz or something that he thought was a bug? I have no idea. Is he smart enough to know the difference? He’s done some pretty dumb things to show he might not be the brightest chameleon on the tree lol
  2. JacksJill

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    Chances are your house is short one spider. Even if he just ate something shiny if it is small enough it will pass. Keep an eye on his pooping for the next week to be safe.
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  3. OldChamKeeper

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    Nothing you can do about it, so don't worry about it. I swear these are the only lizards on the planet that can make their owners a nervous wreck overnight. If a tree monitor of mine ate something I didn't see I wouldn't think twice about it.
  4. McBoredFace

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    Lol I just wanted to make sure he didn’t eat something that could make him die since they’re so fragile! You hear crazy stories about animals eating things they shouldn’t and having to get it removed at hospitals so I was worried! But as long as you guys know he’s not that stupid to eat something that wasn’t real then good hah
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  5. McBoredFace

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    I just could’ve sworn there was no spider there too since I checked that stairwell and room every night before I go to sleep cause at night right before bed it’s filled with spiders and those house centipedes lol
  6. jamest0o0

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    Could it have been a dead leaf or piece of dirt? Either way I wouldn't worry. They're not as fragile as people make them out to be. They just seem that way because of the atrocious husbandry most people have.
  7. JacksJill

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    Just for the record how's your indiscriminate eater doing?
  8. McBoredFace

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    Hah okay :) and yeah it’s been a while and he’s been fine so I’m not freaking out anymore. People really do make them out to be so fragile so it just makes me worry! Plus he does the stupidest things that just make so sense so it worries me too haha! But I’m not sure. He’s still very picky! He’ll only eat the crickets and a few meal worms every other day. Ive tried (I forgot what they’re called...) those big fat juicy white looking worms? He won’t eat those. I know he likes spiders since he ate what started this thread! But I’m not sure what to do :/ I want to change up his diet. I know they say not to humanize them but I can’t help it. So I look at it as I’d hate eating the same thing everyday so I need to give him something else. But not sure what. What would make his poop softer? Cause today he took a huge poop and it just looked very painful for him to push out. He was on my hand and squeezed my finger so hard and arched his back and made a face and just looked like he was having issues :( I felt bad haha
  9. JacksJill

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    Mealworms may be binding him up. They don't digest very well so they don't pass well either. Hornworms and silkworms are very digestible if you can find ones small enough for a Jackson's. Mine eat dubia well but it took some time to convince some of them.
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  10. Bettina

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    yes but they see insects you won´t notice. Mine are always chewing on something. They are kept outside, I completely lost control about their diet. They get their calcium-crickets and - whatever fits in their mouth. One has a bump on his cheek and the vet istn´t sure about it, maybe was stung. "Wait said...
    normally they are interested in crawling objects like insects. You wouldn´t notice them, but your cham does. Mine are kept outside, I lost control over their diet, and they are pygmys from the African mountains. As long as they get their calcium.
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