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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tigress4529, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. tigress4529

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    So I notice a local petstore (family owned...small etc.) and i go in looking for some different feeders. Well he doesnt have any so i take a look around his shop. There is a screen cage bout 1.5 ft tall (maybe) and 10in-12 across the top-ish (just guessing, dont know exact dimensions). no dripper or UV light a water bubble dish thingy w 2-3 poops in it...branches are low and not many to climb temp/humidity measuring device...AND 5 JACKSONS...i think 2 male and 3 female. I dont have a Jacksons myself, but im pretty sure u arent supposed to house these together when theyre mature. I called the guy on it and he said that its ok to house them together if they have enough greenery, to hide in. 2 of the females were either gravid or pissed (dark colors) and one of the males was dark and looked a bit emaciated (not bad, but i dont have anything to judge on 'sept my fatty panther) no signs of MBD(bent limbs) or dehydration (eyes sinking). the guy said his dad is a herp. but i dk. he also said that the chams get down into the water and eat drink and poo in it. bleh
    i just wanted to gets yalls thoughts
    i didnt get pics or anything...sorry!
    and how big are Jacksons supposed to get? these things were MAYBE as long as my finger but full horns < the other females were about this size...the one large female was pretty long maybe 6 inch total (tail and body)
  2. MK1

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    Thats to bad. At least the cage was screen.... I ran into a similar thing a few weeks ago. 2 adults veiled in an all glass snake cage with no dripper and a bowl of water. Its a shame some pet stores dont care for there animals right. I would express your thoughts and not shop there anymore.
  3. Texas Panther Man

    Texas Panther Man New Member

    What store was it? I live in Houston.
  4. Carlton

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    Totally inadequate for that many jax regardless of age. And, simply terrible for any cham regardless how long they intend on having them, the species, or the number.

    Just so you don't end up pissing the owners off and losing any chance to educate them, first try giving them some basic cham care info and offer to help them set up better caging. Do they know you as a good customer or knowledgable source of information? If not, you need to establish a good relationship or they will ignore you. If they don't show any intention of improving the poor chams' situation THEN I would tell them you will boycott the store entirely. Do it when other customers can overhear to make your point.
  5. tigress4529

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    Everything Pets on Fry Rd...its not a bad store its just THAT situation...I have only been in there today like i said to see if they had any different feeders, so i dont have any "relationship" with the place. I figure if someone wont listen, and like i said his dad is a herpetologist (apparently), he knows better and it doesnt matter if he sales animals that werent taken care of correctly.
    I dislike people who dont even pretend to acknowledge and take into acct what they could learn.
    He also mentioned he had 2 panthers come in...same cage and everything...and they were between 12 and 15 months.
    Sold em as soon as they came in.
    Eh people dont wanna be educated. If theyre running a business w live animals even if their dad is a herp. i would do the research to make sure every animal was 110% taken care of top notch.
    just frustrating

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