Not Fair.. I Dont Understand! :(


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So anyone who knows, i just got a new little carpet chameleon right? well he's doing just fine.. my jackson on the other hand that i have had for 2 years.. is now sh*tting the bed on me :( i came home 2 days ago and he was laying in the bottom of the tank spread eagle with his face on the floor with his eyes closed.. so i put him up by his heat lamp and he started acting normal so i thought maybe he was just cold.. well then i came home last night and he was hold onto the bottom of the stick with his face sideways on the bottom and i'm like WTF?! so i called the lady that i got my new carpet cham from.. and she said she could maybe take him for a few days.. and i said sure thats fine because either way he's not looking good and the worst that is going to happen is he's going to die.. so i brought him down this morning.. and now he has his tongue sticking out :'( i just dont get it! he has been so good until i got the new baby cham.. i just feel terrible like i'm a terribly mommy.. and when you pick him up.. his stomach feels squishy and weird like its filled with water? i dont know how to describe it.. :( i'll post the pic she just sent me of him.. i think spike is a gonner :( </3




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I'm so sorry dont blame yourself hope your ok I know it sucks there is so much we dont know about chams it'll get better good luck.sun


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So sorry Holly; I'm sure he had a wonderful life with you and it was just his time.



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So sorry to hear of your loss, It was most likely timing I doubt your getting another had anything to do with it.


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:( Thanks so much everyone.. he was my baby.. i had him for 2 years.. he was the longest i EVER had a cham.. the others lasted alittle over a year (they were all females) i just have such bad luck with females so i stuck with spike that survived them all :( and now he's gone too </3 he must have been around 3 in age when he passed away today.. i just dont understand.. i wish i could talk to chameleons like eliza thornberry talked to animals in that cartoon, then he could have been like "I need water" "I need more calcium and vitamins" and i would be like OK! :( too bad its not that simple....



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Can't imagine how you must be feeling, I am so very sorry for the loss of Spike. Sounds like he had a very loving home, I know he will be missed.
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