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Ok so I just wanted to post this cause I was excited and wanted to share.

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So a long while ago I saw this post on how to grow a vegetable but I was like that’s a lot of work 😧. I recently remembered and was searching and I came across this cool post (I can’t find it anymore though 😞) anyways I forgot about it of course. And then 1-2 months ago I remembered and decided to finally try it.
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So you guys are probably like what is she ranting about and I’m getting to the point I swear. Anyways it’s pretty easy I don’t know why I’m making a big deal but it’s because it’s so easy and fun that I’m really like going crazy on it. I also have a massive headache right now so I’m trying to ease my headache with my excitement. Anyways I know some of you may already know this but in case you didn’t and want to try it out here it is. (Don’t be disappointed) It’ll be quick and easy, saves you some money, totally free, reuses scraps, and it’s fun!

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All you’ll need is
-bowl/cup/shot glass 😉/ anything really that works. I tried everything and it’ll honestly all work.
-organic soil
-And lettuce
So get your lettuce cut the bottom (stem), get your container of choice, fill it with water not full only to where it’ll touch the stem half way, place the stem inside and leave it somewhere like on a window sill or under grow lights. I tried two batches where I left one in my kitchen and one by the window sill and they both grew either way (but it’s said to make the leaves bitter and such but I haven’t gotten to tasting yet so we’ll see, I have them marked and everything. I’m experimenting to find the best way lol). You’ll want to refill it every other day, and make sure the water doesn’t evaporate before you remember to add water. Some leaves will start to sprout within 12 days, once this happens you’ll want to plant it in soil. So since there are no roots it will not grow the same like you’d experience if you had roots. I trimmed one of them because when I was reading they recommended it, although I did leave the other batches just the way they were. And then you wait. Here is a link to everything in a more detailed way. I’m currently doing some more experiments so I’ll show you guys how those go once I have some sort of result (if any). Also to those of you who saw my mini garden here’s an update on my bed. Went from seeds, to little, and now these. This one is another that’s in my kitchen and there’s one by my window sill. It’s night time here so it’s dark. (They all look different which I find funny for some reason 😆) Keep in mind I’m still experimenting myself!
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