Not a big eater


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So I just purchased my first pair of veiled Cham the female doesn't eat much stays put all day, is this normal , the male is growing faster and has a routine.
I'm worried about this female ,am I being a lil overbearing.?
Can an experienced keeper ease my fears please
She is in her own terr I just got the setup 4 days ago...she was in with him for awhile .her eating slowed he was showing off alot so I expected her to start eating again once separated .not the case I was able to feed her with tongs I offered a variety nothing tho
It could be he fact the she's been put in a different viv and the change in scenary has stressed her out. Also how old is she? If she's at breeding age and been with a male that's showing colours you may have a family on the way?
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