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So I just purchased a baby veiled chameleon. I noticed that on its side, it appears to have cracks in its skin & was wondering if its normal or if I should be concerned. This is my first chameleon, but not my first reptile. I appreciate the help.


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First off, welcome to the forums!

Second, can you get a better picture of the side of your chameleon?

This will get moved by a moderator as it should be in the health section, but let's get as much info as we can for now.

Please fill out the questions in the "How to ask for help" and paste them in this thread. Be as detailed as you can even though the chameleon is new to you as it will help to make sure you have everything all set for your new kiddo.
looks like your veiled is actually getting color, however more pictures will help us confirm that. while you are at it, filling out the husbandry form like video master suggested would also help us help you.


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Male Veiled Chameleon about 6 months old. Just got him yesterday evening when I first posted.

So far he has not been handled as I'm letting get used to being here. Don't want to stress the little guy out.

Have yet to feed. I was advised to wait a day or two to start feeding and when I do, to feed about every other day.

This calcium I bought is by ZooMed.

He is on a drip system and is being hand misted multiple times a day.

So far, I don't think he's gone to the bathroom. I'll have to check.

Screen cage with dimensions of 46x46x91cm (18"x18"x39")

Both lights are Zilla. Fluorescent coil bulb(20watts) & Night Red heat bulb(100watts)

Temperature is measured by a thermometer humidity gauge.

Humidity is at about 68%

I have a ficus in the cage

The cage is located in a den room where there is a ceiling fan. Not much traffic through this room. Cage is about 3ft off the floor

I'm located in Southern California.

Thanks so much for the help. I'll try to get a better picture right now.


The first lot sounds fine but the lighting coils are not recommended as they give out a uvb in a concentrated area as aposed to spread out. Ill leave it into the other to comment but that's what I was told.

Did you see this when you got him or do you think it had happened since you had him?


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I am not sure about the skin but there are a few things you need to add or change.

You need pure calcium for every feed, calcium with D3 for twice a month and a multivitamin without D3 for twice a month too.

As said with compacts I personally wouldn't use them. They have been known to cause he problems and were supposed to be fixed but again problems are cropping up with new bulbs. The uv is so concentrated it is unnatural too and they are incredibly hard to reflect well

I would personally go with a 10.0 linear uv or the 6% Arcadia T5 bulb.

The heat bulb is also best giving out white light. A normal household spot bulb will do of an appropriate wattage. No heating is needed at night. Red bulbs just do not get a good basking response. Many people eat them for nighttime heating heating because the chameleon cannot see red light but they actually can.


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normal cracking

Veils get this up to about 1 year old. it will go away or at least less noticeable. all 4 of my veils are over a year now and i can't think of seeing it on any of them lately. it freaked me out the first time i saw it. I may be wrong , probably, but i think it has to do with how fast veils grow. they grow much faster than jax or panthers. i think it is just the skins way of expanding so fast.


Wait, this cham is 6 months old? For me he looks like 2-3 months old...
But I may be wrong.

These "cracks" are normal. Nothing to worry about, all chams got them. Black colour will disappear and will be replaced by green/turqouise/yellow/etc. it depends on your chameleon's sire. Sometimes it stays black, like my chameleon's skin. He looks like this:

Your will be probably whole green, with dark green dots and stripes, with some white elements :)
So there is nothing to worry about.
And these vertical stripes are ribs, if u would like to ask :D so here is nothing to worry about too.


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Here is the other photo.

Thanks for all of the advice.

Anything else I should change besides the bulb?


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People will say different things on this but if he is new to you then leave it at least a couple of weeks to settle. Your Cham will let you know when he wants to e handled and is ready. Mine is 4 months and is only just coming around to coming out and we have had him for a month and a half.


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How long should I wait until I try to handle him?

Get him use to hand feeding first, so that he is nice and comfortable seeing
your hand.
Then you can very slowy move in to touch him, and if he doesnt turn away,
just slowly slide your fingers under him.
Let him step on your hand, one foot at a time, he will likely be slow, and
be thinking out a stratagy. Or he may just run right up your arm and totally
freak you out!! :p
Patience ;)


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Has your cham taken it's first shed on you yet? Before we self diagnose metabolic bone disease and over exposure to uvb, could this just he the begining stage of it's first skin drop?
Keep track of the temperatures and don't worry about your bulb, your bulb is fine.

This myth has been debunked and pursued in court to the bitter end ans near death of eco and zoomed. unless you are buying redistributed whole sale crazy namless brand lights from god knows how to pronounce this country o companies name... In which case your chams death is on you...

Burns are possible with a bulb that is functioning perfectly fine, linear or compact makes little difference.
Put black tape on your probe and measure the radient temp of the hottest possible place your cham could get. If the temps go above 105 you are risking serious injury to your cham. Move the bulbs higher or ditch the reflector and add a small pc fan to help vent the heat up.

What is seen in your cham does not look like a burn to me yasee. I recently looked at nearly every picture this site has of them. If you care to find out for yourself Google can be a bit more accurate than the local search engine

I expect humidity to be a factor in this particular skin condition, however I am not confident in my knowledge of vield chams. Zilla makes a great chameleon skin conditioner and moisturizer though...Thought id throw that out there :)


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You are more than likely just feeding her too much. Lack of heat may be causing her to get constipatd...maybe she is getting stretch marks and bloating... Gross
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