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I'm curious if this guy is the right size for a Cham born on 8 Sept 2010? He's eating like a little piggy but as this is my first baby Cham I thought I ask.

Pic take today 1/30/2011

boo2 (1).jpg

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Nosy Be Panther male born 9/8/2010 has been in my care since 16 Dec 2010 purchased from Screameleons
Handling - Ist time handled was for the pic you see above.
Feeding - Eating 1/4" crickets dusted with rep-cal with D every other feeding and Herptivite twice weekly. Eating 15 to 20 daily Crickets fed Cricket Crack, gut loaded day before with apples, bananas, collards, carrots, apples.
Supplements - Rep-cal with D every other feeding. Herptivite twice weekly
Watering - Automatic misting system (Mist King) delivers 1.5 min misting 1 hr after lights on and every 3 hrs at 45 seconds per interval. Last interval 30 seconds 45 min before lights out. Hand misting 2 to 3 times daily. Seen drinking almost daily.

Fecal Description - Normal color dark brown fecal with white urates. No visible insects in feces. Fecal tested negative week of purchase.

Cage Info: 20x18x12
Cage Type - screen cage
Lighting - Reptisun 5.0 uv 60wat basking lamp
Temperature - basking site 85 to 89 directly under lamp. Day time ambient temp 76 to 85. Night ambient 65 to 77
Humidity - cage minimum over 7 days 45% averaging 54% with peak at 88 after mistings.
Plants - No live plants yet. Setup is as directed on Screameleons web site with the addition of Mistking mister.
Placement - Cage is located in a dedicated reptile room with supplemental heating and cooling to maintain min temp of 65 and max of 85.

Current Problem - Concerned about growth rate. Every thing else seems fine.
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No, he's a little small. Obvisouly, not all chameleons grow at the same rate (I have a panther that didn't grow much until he hit 9 months old) but yours is a little small for a 5 month old.

Here is one of my guys at 4 months old - But then here is another one of mine at 7 months old - So you can see that they get to the same size but at different rates. The first panther is what I would personally consider more "normal."

Can you share your husbandry info so we can see if it might be something in his environment contributing to his small size? Fill out the "Ask for help" form in the health section in detail and see if we can help you out :)
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