Noogie meets the dustbunnies!!


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Noogie has developed a very annoying habit, he uses the AC cables to climb down to the floor!!
Second day in a row I looked everywhere for him, only to find him with the floor 'tumbleweeds' and had to wash him off (yes, I do clean my floors!! LOL).

Here are a few pics.
The second one, you can see he is scopping out those AC cables :eek:


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How funny. Our Jackson Rex is an explorer as well. He is the reason we built outdoor cages, he would always try to escape. And he has a whole room to free range on weekends. They are just too funny.
Haha how cute actually. My veiled does this too. Uses the cords as little vines (also uses my hair as vines.. it feels weird lol)
LOL!! he is just getting really nosey, the upper part of the free range has already been explored, so it's time to go ground level!! :rolleyes:
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