Awesome color, some of the best I have seen on, love the yellows and greens!
Thank you!!! I love the yellows too :)

Wow! sharp looking guy :)
Too bad he dosnt stay that way more often and not just when he is PO'd ;)
Thank you, he brightens up pretty quickly but he was especially showing off for his girl that day ;)

love him!!! great job!!! he looks amazing.
Thank you, I feel like all my OCD of feeding, lighting, etc is paying off :)
Well so that explains it...he was trying to impress a lady! He is a beauty!!! Is he a kammer Cham also?
Btw. I didn't want to announce it too soon but we have eggs!
All the eggs are white and pretty.
he looks awesome, love the red ridge along the spine that's so cool, great amount of muscle to hes a strong little guy :D
He's awesome!!!!

I really want have one kammer someday, but here in Portugal is impossible to find these kammers =\
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