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Today I went to the local reptile shop to pick up some supplies. Not very cham oriented but usually has a few along with all the classic "pet shop" reptiles. All the regular CB beardies, corn snakes etc. and tons of the under $50 WC variety. As I waited my turn at the cash register I casually looked around at the animals. What surprised me was the general good appearance and health of all of them! 90% of these animals are WC but mostly very young specimens, In crowded but clean-ish, appropriate tanks. In the past I usually avoided looking at animals because they are usually older beat up/near death adults. I wonder if this is a general trend, collecting younger animals who stand a far better chance of acclimation or just a one time fluke? I hope it is a sign of a new, at least new to me, trend in the "reptile trade".

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You just happened to go in at the right time of year is all. If your going to buy wc's now is the time of year when all the best quality wc's come in. Anything after March is usually an older beat up adult that has just been thru breeding season.
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