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Hello! I'm a first timer on the website, and also first time caring for a chameleon. Mines is a Yemen Chameleon, called ziggie and thought I'd post a picture of him for you lot to adore :) He's just a baby! He's settled into his new closure, it's a 'reptibreeze' mesh closure which is 40x40x76mm. I was told by the lady in the reptile shop that I was best to have a 100W bulb for heat and and 26W bulb for the UV lamp. I'm in england where it's not always warm, so are these bulbs alright?

I only got ziggie today and he seems happy, i've handled him a few times today and he seems to be confident when he's out the closure.

How often should I feed him? Today he's had 2 meal worms and 2 little locusts.

I hope I'm doing things correct. :)


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