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Hello all,
I came to this forum because I'm interested in Chameleons. I've kept various reptiles, but nothing besides fish and corals in the past 20 or so years.

I've always been excited about Chameleons, but knew they required more care then other reptiles. At this point, I'm more confident I'll be able to properly take care of one and decided to take the leap. It's amazing how much knowledge the internet allows to be shared these days. So I decided to join here and learn. Hopefully, I'll get a setup soon and be seeking out a nice juvenile Panther Chameleon shortly.

Thanks for having me! Hopfully I'll be contributing soon. First, I've got a lot of reading to do!
Welcome, welcome! Panthers are the best! I love your profile name! If you don't know it already there is a tab in the menu with resources here! They are very helpful! Don't forget to ask if you have questions! We here on the forums are eager to help! Sometimes even a little too eager! Lol
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