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Hi all. New guy here. I got a vieled cham. 2 weeks ago about 2 1/2 inches in length. I have a couple questions.

1. When should I expect his first shed?
2. Around what age should I be able to tell what his final coloration will be?

Thanks to all for the info I've gotten just reading other posts.

From my experiences and from what I've read each time they shed their coloration "increases". Hermie is now 7-8 mo old and he is still gaining coloration after each shedding; he gets more spotting, more colors/shades etc. I think that they increase their coloration "abilitites" up through about 1 year of age, but I could be wrong.
here's a couple pics for you guys.


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Hello and welcome,
On the shedding question, there isn't any way to tell when they are going to shed because it is determined by their growth rate. The faster that they grow, the more often that they will shed. Someone might be able to aproximate for you though. On the coloration question, I know that in panther chameleons, they will start to show colors around 6 months or so but this is also determined by how fast that they grow. I have also heard of their colors changing as they get older even after they have shown an adult coloration, so they may never actually have just one adult coloration. They grow pretty rapidly at that age so it won't take too long for a shed. Good luck with it!
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